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Agent Black was founded in 2007 and has always held one guiding principle close to our hearts: Clients want to be treated like people, not account numbers and dollar figures. We follow this principle anytime we interact with our current, former, or perspective clients.

"Well, what if you don't have a solution for my needs?" No problem! We will put our knowledge of the industry to work for you to find a solution we believe best fits your needs, even if it's not with us! While we would love you have you as a client, we do not believe in forcing your needs into a solution that doesn't fit ALL of your needs. We have numerous contacts within the web hosting and infrastructure industry and we would be pleased to give you an unbiased, non-commissioned referral.


Who We Are

On a bitterly cold winter night in 2007, what would later be called Agent Black Hosting was born. We started with a small portfolio of shared hosting accounts and we had no idea the wild ride that would await us ahead. Backed by some of the best partners in the industry (big shout out to Jesse and Max!), a little hope, lots of sleepness nights, and even a few tears, Agent Black was molded by James into the company it is today. Focused on providing an excellent client experience, top notch US Based technical support, and a desire to be different than the "big guys" in the industry, James set the course to make Agent Black what it is today.

In 2010, we expanded our product line up from simple Shared Hosting plans into Virtual Private Servers, Domain Name Registrations, and our first Dedicated Servers. It was during 2010 that we transformed from just another Shared Hosting provider into a company who is able to grow with their clients as their needs change.

2012 was a busy year for us in the Shared Hosting market. We completed hardware upgrades for our Shared Hosting services to support the continued growth in that market. 2012 also saw us locate into new datacenters in the midwest to better serve our growing client base in the Central United States. 2012 also saw our continued growth in the Dedicated Servers market with the addition of new hardware and options for our clients.

2013 kicked in the door like the Kool Aid man. Building upon the explosive growth in 2012, we upgraded our client billing and support system to a new, user friendly product which allowed us to expand our product offerings and provided our clients an easier to understand billing and support interface. In April 2013, we expanded our datacenter options to include Phoenix and Amsterdam. This has allowed us to better serve our European clients with a world class datacenter right in their backyard!

After taking 2014 off from growing, 2015 saw us introduce refreshed server hardware for our Shared Hosting clients again, Dedicated Server clients, and a new datacenter option! In 2015 we added Ashburn, Virginia to our datacenter lineup. With the addition of Ashburn, we excited our datacenter options in the Midwest as we felt Ashburn was better suited to serve our clients on the East Coast as well as the Midwest. Ashburn also serves as our primary datacenter choice for those clients who wish to host in the United States but still have low latency times to points in the European Union.

In late 2017 and into early 2018, we began to search for a more premium datacenter partner that provided us with a wider selection of options, locations, NOC Support, and growth potiential. We felt now was the time for us to reevaluate our current partners and see what potiental was available. We made the difficult decision to terminate some of our datacenter options that we believed were inconsistent with our growth, did not offer the value we wanted for our clients, and had not kept up with the changing hardware scene. In 2018, we partnered with a new datacenter provider that has a proven track record of delivering growth both to their company and to their partners, that has a wide selection of datacenter options under one corporate "roof", constantly evolving hardware options including new (at that time) crypto mining machines, and the network connectivity needed to deliver our client's data around the world with the lowest possible latency available. In 2018 we entered into agreements which saw us have options in LA (2), Atlanta (1), Floriday (2), and NYC (1). With this new partnership, we believe we are now best suituated to handle the next phase of our continued growth and delivering an excellent value to our clients.

In 2019, we started to consolidate our infrastructure into our new partner's datacenters, working to ensure geographic diversity on our critical pieces. 2019 also saw us for the first time offering 100% off site, geo-redundant account backup options for our Shared Hosting clients. 2019 also saw us add secure, off-site Exchange email hosting for clients needing enterprise class email service without the headache of running their own email servers. We entered 2019 wide eyed and ready to make 2020 our year, however little did we know what 2020 had in store for us and the rest of the world.

In 2020, the world was rocked by a highly contagious respiratory virus SARS-CoV-2 also known as coronavirus (COVID-19) that turned the modern way of life on its head. No longer were people going into offices, instead working from home. No longer were many enterprises focusing on adding infrastructure for their applications, instead focusing on adding resources for employees to work remotely like VPN services, email in the cloud, collaboration tools to bring some sense of normalacy to a chaotic world. The old way of life and hosting had changed, likely forever. Many businesses are now looking at ways to move their entire operation off premises, allowing greater flexibility for their workforce. Many of the expansion plans we had were also put on hold like many other businesses. We worked with our partners to reduce expenses where ever possible, upgrade where needed to ensure we could weather the storm, and position ourselves to enter the future stronger, more agile, more responsive to our client's now changed world. Through the challenges of COVID-19, we stand ready to assist our clients, both current and perspective, in any way possible going forward. We have no idea what the new normal will be, but rest assured, we will adapt and overcome to the best of our abilities and we will bring you the best possible solutions to help you with your new normal. As has been our guiding principal from day one, we will work to find you a solution in these challenging times, even if it's not with us. We are in this new normal together and together we will get through it.

Isn't it time you stopped being an account number and switched to a partner that cares about your growth? Come join us today!