Is your site Secure?

Is your site secured from prying eyes when your visitors enter data? If you're not using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate, your website is sending information "in the open". This means the connection from your website to your visitor is unsecured and hackers may be able to intercept that information! In this day and age, all sites should be using SSL certificates to protect visitor's data.

With the ever growing government surveillance of innocent internet users, now is the time to encrypt your website! Encryption will help protect your visitor's interactions with your website, instill trust in your visitors, and will assist with keeping private data private. Encryption doesn't have to be difficult or expensive! We have numerous solutions available to help you encrypt your website and keep your visitor's data safe.

So what is a SSL Certificate all about?

SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and is the internet standard security technology used to establish an encrypted (or safe) link between a web server (website) and your browser. This secured link ensures that the data and information that is passed from your web browser to the web server remains private; meaning safe from hackers or anyone trying to spy or steal that information. SSL is the industry standard and is used by millions of websites to protect and secure data that is sent through to their website. One of the most common things SSL's are used for is protecting banking and credit card information.

Can you help me with a SSL certificate for my site?

Of course we can! We have many options, including many automated SSL's that make installation a breeze. Visit our SSL Certificates Page


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